Barefoot Track Livery

Barefoot Track Livery

What does your horse do all day/night ?

Stuck in a stable all winter, solo turnout for a few hours a day in small paddocks with no friends or stimulation, eating a diet loaded with sugar from inappropriate grass and/or hay. Sound a bit like lockdown ? This is the life we have created for our horses through no fault of our own but times are changing and there is a far better way of allowing your horse to live it's life to the fullest when you are not around.

They are sociable creatures who only ask us for a few simple things in order to remain healthy and happy - FRIENDS, FORAGE & FREEDOM - next time you see a horse locked in a stable, ask yourself if you could live a life in lockdown for more than a year !

Ours live out 24/7 all year round on tracks around the perimeters of the fields with access to a large yard area and provided with a natural, equine friendly diet ie: adlib timothy and meadow hay aswell as hedges, bushes and trees for selective foraging and diet diversity throughout the year.

Creating this lifestyle means the horses are able to keep busy while you are not around which is perfect for those that have been branded as spooky or naughty, we have found that most horses falling into this category have incorrect diets are stressed from long periods in stables and lack mental stimulation and social interaction. This is exactly the situation I found myself in with my Merlin, a stunningly handsome Section D gelding. He was a different horse when I finally achieved my dream goal of creating a track system for him and his little lami prone, rescue sister, Guinevere. RIP to the best teachers I could ever have wished for, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you both. 


Unfortunately, most horses today are grazing fertiliised, chemically sprayed ex-dairy pasture (clover and rye grass) aswell as eating rye hay, this unhealthy and dreadfully inappropriate diet has seen a significant increase in equine disease such as metabolic issues, obesity and laminitis. Due to modern day life, we are no longer able to exercise our horses as much as we used to - movement, and lots of it, being a key factor in a robust metabolism and ability to burn those excessive calories we think they need, strong lungs and muscles, supple joints and a healthy lymphatic and circulation system (when you stop moving, your lymphatic system stops working too!).

Our equine friends are not designed to live in square paddocks with nothing but unsuitable grasses to eat, nor are they designed to be left for hours with nothing at all to eat. In order to maintain a healthy gut and digestive system they require access to a diet which offers a lot of diversity and allows their digestive system to eat for it's required 18 hours a day. It really is no wonder the horse industry is so riddled with ulcers, it only takes 4 hours of no food for these to start forming.

We now know that up to 80% of the immune system lives in the gut and almost 90% of all disease comes directly from the bacterias living in the gut so it makes absolute sense that if we "heal the gut, we heal the horse". 

Track life benefits include:

·         Creates significant movement resulting in much easier weight management

·         Allows IR/EMS/Laminitic and/or foundered horses to live a normal life

·         EMS can be controlled to some degree by drugs, but this treatment needs supplementing with correct diet and exercise – both things which are met by track life

·         Reduces boredom, depression, anxiety and stress

·         Significantly reduces and prevents ulcers

·         Significantly reduces the chances of colic

·         Prevents and significantly improves COPD / RAO

·         Keeps muscles active aswell as improving balance and agility

·         Encourages horses to live as closely as nature intended

·         Promotes healthier, more relaxed horses

·         Provides mental stimulation

·         Allows horses to form close bonds and feel secure within their herd environment

·         Meets every horse’s most basic needs – Freedom, Forage and Friends

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