Barefoot Track Livery

Barefoot Track Livery

Our horses live out 24/7 all year round on tracks around the perimeters of the fields with access to a large yard area and provided with a natural, equine friendly diet ie: adlib timothy and meadow hay aswell as hedges, bushes and trees for selective foraging through the year. Our main goal is to facilitate health and soundness, both physical and mental aswell as preventing the many conditions, illnesses and disorders which are caused by grazing unsuitable pasture and spending too much time locked in stables with limited, unsuitable forage.

When horses are allowed to live in a manner that more closely resembles their natural habitat ie 24/7 freedom of movement, adlib correct forage and socialising with both mares and geldings, not only are they physically healthier but mentally and emotionally far happier and more relaxed too.


Unfortunately, most horses today are grazing fertiliised, chemically sprayed ex-dairy pasture (clover and rye grass) which has seen a significant increase in equine disease such as metabolic issues, obesity and laminitis. Our equine friends are not designed to live in square paddocks with nothing but unsuitable grasses to eat, in order to maintain a healthy gut and digestive system they require access to a diet which offers diversity.

Up to 80% of the immune system lives in the gut so we know to "heal the gut, heal the horse". 

Track life benefits include:

·         Creates significant movement resulting in much easier weight management

·         Allows IR/EMS/Laminitic and/or foundered horses to live a normal life

·         EMS can be controlled to some degree by drugs, but this treatment needs supplementing with correct diet and exercise – both things which are met by track life

·         Reduces boredom, depression, anxiety and stress

·         Significantly reduces and prevents ulcers

·         Significantly reduces the chances of colic

·         Prevents and significantly improves COPD / RAO

·         Keeps muscles active aswell as improving balance and agility

·         Encourages horses to live as closely as nature intended

·         Promotes healthier, more relaxed horses

·         Provides mental stimulation

·         Allows horses to form close bonds and feel secure within their herd environment

·         Meets every horse’s most basic needs – Freedom, Forage and Friends

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