For Humans and Horse Riders

For Humans and Horse Riders

Bliss & Symbiosis Rehabilitation have teamed up to offer a number of innovative treatments for our holiday guests and people from our local communities.

Treatments are tailored to your individual needs, whether you are looking for relief from pain, stress & anxiety, improvement of mental and emotional wellbeing, significantly improve your sleep quality, are struggling with the aftermath of lockdown or are just looking for a unique rest & relaxation experience. 

Our expertise lies in reducing and often eliminating acute and chronic pain conditions, increasing range of motion and promoting a better quality of life.  Pain may be in your back, neck, shoulders, hips and/or knees but we can also support you with more complicated issues such as insomnia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, sciatica, scar tissue, trapped nerves and a whole lot more.

We are often able to help when nothing else has worked. 

Our sessions also have incredible health benefits, from improving circulation, boosting the immune system, increasing energy levels, and encouraging the body to re-balance and heal itself from within.

Treatments Available -

Full Bio Mechanics Assessment

Identifies range of motion restrictions and enables our treatments to be as effective as possible and achieve the outcome you are looking for.

Myofascial Release & Trigger Point Massage

This is a very relaxing, specialised remedial massage (not your standard spa massage) which quickly gets to the root cause of persistent pain conditions. The techniques we use are designed to reduce chronic and acute pain and aid in rehabilitation from trauma, injury and/or surgery. This treatment is also a real mood lifter/energiser and can offer incredible results for people who are just looking to de-stress, unwind or simply wanting to take some time out for themselves to rest, relax and experience something a little bit different.


Non-invasive, non-toxic, cutting-edge biofeedback technology therapy which can provide rapid reduction in pain and inflammation, boosts the immune system and shortens the recovery time after injury or illness. Working with the central nervous system, the session will calm the mind and body, relax muscles (especially those tight neck and shoulder muscles we experience with daily stress) and works to bring the body back into homeostasis/balance. There are so many benefits to be gained from this treatment as it covers a wide range of pain conditions, general unwellness, insomnia, fatigue, stress/anxiety, digestive issues and more. 


This is a mind, body & soul experience which can bring great relief from grief, stress, depression or emotional imbalance.

We use a number of techniques within the above treatments, some of which are:


Relieves symptoms and pain by unblocking energy channels within the body.


Uses a combination of pressure points, gentle manipulation and stretching to re-energise weak areas and reduce tension in the body


Releases energy blockages and promotes deep relaxation and improved well-being.

Infrared light / Thermotherapy

Enhances cell regeneration, stimulates healing, and relieves pain and inflammation

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We’ve even got something special for our horse riders too:

Biomechanics assessments

Equi-simulator sessions

Equine sports massage

Group or one-to-one lessons with an experienced Biomechanics coach.

Equine | Symbiosis Rehabilitation & Performance Support | Cheshire

We have seen remarkable results for many horse riders who have experienced a session on Rocky the Racewood simulator, who works to re-align your posture, balance and overall effectiveness in the saddle followed by a lesson to transfer these changes onto their own horse.

The sessions can also help to alleviate pain being experienced in the saddle and removes any discomfort being felt by your horse by optimising your riding position and technique. We cater for beginners through to the more advanced riders.

Sometimes it’s the tiniest of tweaks that make the biggest difference.

For more information and availability, get in touch with us today.