Blakemere Lodge

Blakemere Lodge is situated at the back of Lynmere Lodge. It has a double bedroom and one twin room so can accommodate up to four people. Comfortable lounge with a 3 seater and 2 seater reclining sofas, dining table with 4 chairs, satellite TV with On Demand, internet access and a range of books and magazines. We even have a toybox for the toddlers. Galley kitchen with dishwasher and separate bathroom. There is an enclosed outside area with a picnic bench. Shared washing machine and tumble dryer available operated by a coin machine. Please Note: Only 1 cot bed can be used in this lodge. For guests wishing to use 2 cot beds, you will need to book Lynmere Lodge.

Bookings made at this property are made under the followings terms:

In these Terms & Conditions the following definitions apply:

‘GUEST’ means the person or persons wishing to make or actually making a reservation for the purpose of using the Accommodation for a pre-arranged period of time. Within these Terms the Guest may also be referred to in the plural or by use of the words ‘You’ or ‘Your’.

‘THE COMPANY’ means Lynmere Moss Farm Limited trading as Forest Holiday Cottages of Darland House, 44 Winnington Hill, Northwich, Cheshire, CW8 1AU (Registered in England No. 09519394). Within these Terms the Company may also be referred to as ‘proprietors’, ‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’. Any reference to ‘the property’ or ‘the premises’ also means Lynmere Moss Farm.

‘THE ACCOMMODATION’ means a detached cottage property located at Lynmere Moss Farm, Delamere, Cheshire, CW8 2JD.

‘RESERVATION’ means a defined period when a Guest has made the necessary arrangements with the Company to occupy the Accommodation. Within these Terms a Reservation may also be referred to as ‘booking’ or ‘stay’.



1. Reservations will not be regarded as a firm commitment binding on either the Guest or the Company until the Guest has paid the standard deposit to reserve Accommodation for specific dates and the Company acknowledges the deposit has been received.

2. For advance Reservations where the Guest is not scheduled to arrive within 8 weeks of the date the booking is finalised the required deposit payable by the Guest will be 30% of the quoted cost of the Accommodation for the planned duration of the Guests stay.

3. Payment of the remaining portion of the quoted cost of the Accommodation is due 8 weeks before the Guests scheduled arrival date. The Company will endeavour to issue a reminder for payment at the appropriate time however responsibility for diarising the due date and making payment rests with the Guest at all times.

4. If payment of the remaining portion of the quoted cost of the Accommodation is not made by the due date (whether a reminder has been issued or not) the Company will regard the Reservation as having been cancelled and the Company will be free to accept bookings from other Guests. The deposit will not be refunded in this event.

5. At the time the Guest makes their final payment to the Company, the Company will take a payment of £100.00 by way of a Damages Deposit to act as surety against any breakages occurring during the Guests stay at the Accommodation and which can be judged to be as a result of carelessness, neglect or inappropriate behaviour or use on the part of any member of the Guests party including any person invited into the Accommodation by any member of the Guests party (subject to the Company having given prior approval) at any time during the Guests stay. The Damages Deposit will also be used to cover any instance where unusual, additional or specialist cleaning resources are required to make the Accommodation re-habitable as a consequence of the Guests use of the Accommodation. In addition the Damages Deposit will also be used to settle payment for any Guest requested interim housekeeping services and Guest requested unscheduled towel and/or bed linen changes. The Damages Deposit will also be used to cover additional charges incurred by Equestrian Guests arising as a consequence of their stabling or livery arrangements. Although the Company will take a realistic view toward breakages or damages arising through pure accident the Company will be the final arbiter of whether breakages or damages should result in forfeiture of all or part of the Damages Deposit. If there are no issues arising in connection with damages, breakages or additional services then the Damages deposit will be refunded to the Guest within 5 working days of the Guests departure from the Accommodation.

6. For Reservations made where Guests arrival will be within 8 weeks of the date the booking is finalised then full payment of the quoted costs of the accommodation is required at the time of booking. The Company recommends that Guests take out adequate insurance to safeguard them against unexpected cancellation costs.

7. Guests are asked to note that domestic pets may not be brought onto the property unless the Company has consented at the time of the Reservation being quoted for. Guests are also reminded that if domestic pets are permitted by the Company the Guest will remain fully liable for any damage to the Accommodation and its contents and furnishings and in addition any damage to property and livestock whether within the property owned by the Company or its neighbours and or property or Delamere Forest itself.

8. Any domestic pets that the Company permits onto the property must have been appropriately inoculated and Guests must be able to provide evidence of this fact.

9. Any domestic pets that the Company permits onto the property must be insured by the Guest against the possibility of 3rd party claims arising from the pet’s actions or behaviour. The Company reserves the right to request that evidence of such insurance be made available.

10. If Guests arrive at the property with any domestic pets that have not previously been approved by the Company then the Company will have the right to deny entry to the Accommodation, and regard the booking as cancelled. In such circumstances the Company will not refund any part of the booking fee other than the Damages Deposit.

11. Under no circumstances will the Company knowingly accept bookings for the purposes of a ‘Hen’ or ‘Stag’ event and the Company reserves the right to immediately cancel the booking and/or demand the Guests departure should this condition be found to have been breached. In the event that this action is found necessary no refunds whatsoever will be made.


1. Guests may amend their booking at any time up to 8 weeks before their scheduled arrival date subject to the Company being able to provide Accommodation for the amended period. If the Company cannot provide Accommodation for the amended period the Guest has the option to cancel the booking subject to the conditions relative to the timing of cancellations.

2. Cancellations or Amendments must be made in writing either by letter or e-mail. If the Guest does not receive a written acknowledgement within a reasonable period of time they must assume the Company has not received their communication.

3. The Guest may cancel their booking within 14 days of making their original Reservation and any deposit will be refunded in full. If the Guest cancels a booking after this 14 day cooling off period the deposit is not refundable.

4. If the Guest cancels a booking within the 8 week period before their scheduled arrival date then all payments made up to that point (except the Damages Deposit) are forfeited in the expectation that the Company will be unable to re-book the Accommodation at such short notice.

5. If the Company finds it necessary to cancel a booking as a consequence of circumstances relative to the operation of the property or the Accommodation then the Guest will be entitled to receive a refund of all payments already made. All payments mean’s the original deposit, any balancing payment and any Damage Deposit. This would not however apply in the event of any cancellation arising through Force Majeure.


1. The Accommodation will be available to the Guests from 3.00pm (15.00 hrs) on the scheduled arrival date.

2. Guests are asked to notify the Company if their arrival is likely to be significantly delayed for any reason.

3. The Company expects that Guests will depart from the Accommodation by 10.00am (10.00 hrs) on the scheduled departure date.


1. Guests are obliged not to permit any person outside of the party identified on the original booking to enter the Company’s property or the Accommodation unless the Company has given its prior approval.

2. Guests are obliged to ensure that there are no more persons in their party than the Accommodation is designed to comfortably accommodate.

3. Guests are obliged to ensure the Accommodation is left in a reasonably tidy condition at the time of their departure. This would entail washing and drying all cookware, crockery, cutlery and glassware last used by the Guests and the emptying of all refuse bins into the designated external refuse containers.

4. Guests are obliged to observe the rule that No Smoking is permitted inside the Accommodation. Ashtrays are provided for Guests who wish to smoke outside the Accommodation. Guests are asked to be considerate when extinguishing cigarettes and not deposit cigarette ends on the gravel areas outside the Accommodation.

5. Guests are obliged to observe the rule that No Smoking is permitted inside any of the outbuildings on the premises. If there is evidence that smoking has occurred in a cottage (smell, cigarette burns, spilt ashtrays on furniture etc), the full damage deposit shall not be returned.

6. Guests are obliged to ensure that they take all necessary steps to protect their personal possessions during their stay at the property. This would also include ensuring motor vehicles are locked when not in use.

7. In the event that a pet has been brought onto the property (with the prior consent of the Company) Guests are asked to observe the courtesy of picking up and disposing of any faecal matter produced into the large white external refuse container.

8. Guests are asked to appreciate that the Property lies within the boundaries of Delamere Forest which is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest. The Proprietors reside on the Property and the Property itself has residential neighbours.

The area is recognised for its tranquillity and there is an obligation on the residents of the area (and visitors to the area) to behave in a manner which respects and upholds the qualities of the setting. It is for this reason that we must ask all Guests to avoid loud behaviour at any time of day and most particularly in the evening and at night. It is with regret that the Company must reserve the right to ask any Guests committing a nuisance of this nature to vacate the Accommodation immediately and in such an event no refund whatsoever will be given.


1. The Company is obliged to ensure the Guest Accommodation is ready for occupation at the scheduled arrival time.

2. The Company is obliged to permit the Guest peaceful and private occupation of the Accommodation during their scheduled stay.

3. The Company will not enter the Accommodation at any time during the Guests scheduled stay unless the Guest gives their prior consent however the Company must reserve the right to disregard this obligation in the event of a visible or suspected emergency where the Company has a reasonable right to believe that the Guest or any member of their party could be in immediate danger or at risk of harm or the Accommodation itself is in danger of damage or loss.

4. The Company is obliged to do all within its reasonable power to resolve any problems raised by the Guest that could have an impact on their ability to receive the expected quality or value from the Accommodation during the period of their stay.


The Company will not intrude upon the Guests privacy to undertake cleaning activity and therefore Guests are expected to maintain the Accommodation in a clean and tidy condition during their stay. If Guests request that the Accommodation be cleaned by the Company during the course of their stay then the Company will apply a £35 charge and deduct this from the Damages Deposit.


The Company will change all towels in the Accommodation at the end of each week for Guests occupying the Accommodation for longer than 7 days. If Guests request a more frequent change of towels then a charge of £20 will be made for each unscheduled change. The charge will be deducted from the Damages Deposit.


The Company will provide a change of bed linen at the Guests request. In this regard the Company will not intrude upon the Guests privacy allowing Guests to change bed linen at their own convenience.


Lynmere Moss Farm Ltd and Forest Holiday Cottages cannot accept responsibility for any Reservation where it is prevented or disrupted by reasons entirely beyond the control of the Company. Force Majeure means any event which Lynmere Moss Farm Ltd or Forest Holiday Cottages could not, even with all due care, have foreseen or avoided. Such circumstances include, amongst other things, war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, foot and mouth disease and any other similar event entirely outside of the control of the Company.


Nothing in these Terms & Conditions is intended to limit any right you may have as a consumer under local or statutory law nor does the Company seek to exclude or limit the liability of Lynmere Moss Farm Ltd and Forest Holiday Cottages to you for any death or personal injury resulting from proven negligence on the part of the Company.


These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England & Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.


In order to accept a Guest booking the Company takes sufficient data from the Guest to enable it to maintain contact with the Guest through communication and to take payment for the Reservation. This data is used by the Company for no other purpose than to manage the Guests booking and all data is securely stored on Company premises.

The Company will never misuse Guest data by allowing it to be used by 3rd parties for marketing activity nor will it ever divulge Guest data to any other party unless required to do so by law.


The Company wishes to make it clear that the surfaces within the Company’s Property and the surrounding forestry area are unsuitable for any person with a disability that would render them reliant on use of a wheelchair.


These Terms & Conditions are available for downloading and printing in the single language of English. Versions translated into other languages are not available.


Lynmere Moss Farm Ltd and Forest Holiday Cottages are not currently VAT registered concerns.


The contact details for the Company are as follows:

Postal Address: Lynmere Moss Farm, Delamere, Cheshire, CW8 2JD Telephone: 07786 003 978

E-Mail Address: